Recent Projects and Samples

Take a look at recent projects and samples in my portfolio. Please visit for more.

Recent Projects

  • Edited Project Payback (a suspense novel) for Tina Rovatti
  • Edited Ruins of My Life (a drama novel) by Robert Gault
  • Edited VoG DOrBay (a science fiction novel) for John Ella
  • Researched, wrote and edited a collection of family stories for Carol Howell


A year ago my mom turned 80. We wanted to give her something extraordinary. For my whole career, I’ve been a professional writer. In my spare time, I write fiction and screenplays. I decided to focus those skills on the task. I asked family and friends to share their favourite memories and photos. Some wrote their own anecdotes; others preferred my help. I gathered the stories of those no longer with us and touched up the photos. Then I edited and laid out the information in a book. My mom can now see in print how much she means to us and we all learned something about our shared history we hadn’t known before.

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